Israel plans to use anti-terrorism technology in the fight against the “invisible enemy”

This was announced by the Prime Minister.
Israel plans to partially dampen its economy and use anti-terrorism technology to reduce the risk of the spread of COVID-19. This was announced by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

It is about identifying people who have been in contact with carriers of the virus.

“Very soon, we will begin to use technology … the digital tools that we used to fight terrorism,” Netanyahu said. He added that he requested the approval of the Ministry of Justice, because such measures could lead to a violation of privacy.

Although quarantine is not introduced throughout the country, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants and theaters will be closed starting from Sunday; employees are advised not to go to work if this is not necessary, and all citizens should not get together in groups of more than ten people. Important objects for a normal life, including supermarkets, pharmacies and banks, will continue to operate normally. The military is ordered to come to places of permanent deployment and prepare for the fact that they will not be able to leave the base for about a month.

To date, about 200 cases of infection have been detected in Israel.

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