iPhone SE 2 looks surprisingly original

Smartphone spotted on Apple official website.
A proven network informant who maintains a page on Twitter under the nickname @AndroidSaint has posted the official renderings of the iPhone SE 2 smartphone.

This image appeared on Apple’s official website, the inscription says that this is a test page, which probably should not have hit the Web before the announcement. However, due to an administrator error, users were able to evaluate the appearance of the new inexpensive iPhone smartphone.

Despite the fact that no one expects revelations from the iPhone SE 2 in terms of design, since rumors persistently indicate that the smartphone will look very similar to the iPhone 8, the new one looks quite original.

I was able to make this impression of the iPhone SE 2 thanks to the new design of the main camera, which is located in a small oval block protruding above the back panel. Along the perimeter, the smartphone is framed by a metal frame that recalls the classic iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models.

The presentation of the iPhone SE 2 is expected in late March.

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