IPhone sales rise for the first time in a year

According to a recent Gartner report, the relatively low price of the iPhone 11 brought Apple some positive results. The report shows that Apple’s sales finally recovered declining for four consecutive quarters.

IPhone sales in the fourth quarter of 2019 increased by 7.8%. Gartner Vice President Research Annette Zimmermann stated in the report the following:

Compared to the iPhone XR, the price of the iPhone 11 series has slightly decreased. In addition, Apple has also cut prices on previous-generation iPhone models. This stimulates the growth of market demand.

The report shows that iPhone sales are especially strong in the Chinese market, an increase of 39% in the fourth quarter. In addition, Apple also performed well in markets such as the UK, France, Germany, Brazil, and India.

According to Gartner, global smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2019 fell 0.4% year on year, and annual sales fell 1%. Gartner senior analyst Anshul Gupta said in a report that “2019’s performance was slightly better than expected, thanks to slightly boosted sales in North America and emerging markets in the Asia-Pacific region.

Last year, India sold 151.9 million smartphones, ahead of the United States, and became the second largest country in terms of smartphone sales. China continues to lead, with sales of smartphones during the year at 390.8 million units.

The five largest global phone manufacturers for the fourth quarter of 2019 include Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi and Oppo. Of the 5 largest mobile phone manufacturers, only Apple and Xiaomi achieved sales growth in the fourth quarter of 2019.

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