iPhone passed the “space” test of strength

You can test the strength of a smartphone in various ways, including the most extreme. The head of the company SpinLaunch, preparing the “kinetic” launches of cargo into space, tested its own iPhone, spinning it using special equipment to create gigantic artificial loads.

SpinLaunch intends to organize the delivery of satellites and other cargoes into orbit, launching them from Earth without the use of rocket engines – using giant slings.

“In recent years, the company has conducted hundreds of“ speedy ”tests. Most of them were intended to study and improve the system, but some were designed to reassure skeptical investors and potential customers who did not believe that the load could withstand extreme loads.

The team rotated solar panels, telescope lenses, batteries, GPS modules and control computers at high speeds – they survived with minimal or zero damage. In one of the tests, they attached the iPhone to the centrifuge and made it rotate at a tremendous speed – five times faster than the speed of sound,” the journalists said.

After the test, during which the smartphone experienced loads 10,000 times stronger than gravity on the Earth’s surface, the company’s founder Jonathan Yani successfully used the smartphone to communicate with a colleague in the FaceTime application. This, according to company representatives, testifies to the ability of electronic components to withstand extreme loads during acceleration, although some of the devices will require minor modifications.

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