iPhone 9 will get an outdated camera

Recently, Tianfeng International analyst Guo Mingxuan said the iPhone 9 will use a 7-megapixel single camera.

Apple has set itself the task of releasing an extremely affordable, but at the same time quite productive iPhone, which will certainly attract the attention of a large number of connoisseurs of compact Apple smartphones.

According to unofficial data, the iPhone 9 will use the Apple A13 single-chip system, as in the iPhone 11, although last week there were rumors that the novelty will receive the latest Apple A14 single-chip system, which will also be used in the iPhone 12. I hardly believe this, considering Apple’s desire to save money, as well as the fact that the new flagship platform is simply obliged to debut in the iPhone 12, and not in a budget compact smartphone.

The RAM capacity of the iPhone 9 should be 3 GB, the screen will have a diagonal of about 4.7 inches. The price is expected in the region of 400-500 dollars.

The presentation of the iPhone 9 should take place before the end of the month, and the appearance of the smartphone on sale is expected in March 2020.

P.S. Perhaps the source confused the resolution of the camera and the seven-lens lens (7P), which should be used in iPhone 9. We will update the note when the situation clears up.

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