iPhone 12 Pro with a six-module camera

The first rumors about the iPhone 12 indicate that the line can be up to four different models.
Immediately after the presentation of the iPhone 11 flagship smartphone line, rumors spread about the next generation of the iPhone 11, which should be presented only in September next year.

The following images were posted by Hasan Kaymak on their YouTube page. On the renderings and in the video, they show us the alleged three-dimensional model of the iPhone 12 Pro.

The designer suggested that in the main camera of the smartphone not three or four will be used, but six image sensors at once. The characteristics of each module are not specified, but it is easy to assume that we should talk about the main module, a wide-angle camera, a telephoto lens, a macro camera, a ToF time-of-flight camera and an additional module.

The first rumors about the iPhone 12 indicate that the line can have up to four different models with screens of 6.7, 6.1 and 5.4 inches. It is also believed that they will all support 5G networks, given the growing interest in this technology.

Apple itself is optimistic about sales of the future iPhone 12. It is estimated that in 2020 more than 100 million devices will be sold. This is 20% more than the total sales of the iPhone 11.

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