iPhone 12 Pro Max can get 6000 mAh graphene battery

Insider Hasan Kaymak has posted several computer-generated images showing a three-dimensional model of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max smartphone.

If you evaluate the design of the back panel, then the new product is not much different from the iPhone 11 Pro Max. It is worth noting only the appearance in the main camera with three image sensors of an additional ToF time-of-flight module.

The rear of the new car differs little from visualization from the iPhone 11 Pro, except that the ToF lens is added to the module with three cameras.

The front part confirms previously published information that Apple will abandon the famous bangs in favor of a screen with equally narrow frames around the perimeter.

The alleged characteristics of the new items have also been published. There is no doubt that she will receive a single-chip system Apple A14. The source also says that the smartphone will receive up to 8 GB of RAM and 1 TB of flash memory, and the capacity of the graphene battery will be 6000 mAh. I hardly believe in the latter, since Apple is very slowly building up the battery capacity of its smartphones.

You must understand that the final smartphone may look different, so far these are unofficial images created on the basis of leaks from rumors.

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