iPhone 12 loses bangs and charging port

Proven network insider Ben Geskin, who regularly publishes interesting concept art and renderings of new smartphones, shared a piece of the drawing of the next iPhone smartphone.

The drawing shows the side of the smartphone, where the strip for the antenna will be located. His informants confirm that in the prototype of the new iPhone this element will be, firstly, wider than usual (more than 1 mm). And secondly, this strip will not be made of plastic, as before, but of a new material (glass, ceramic or sapphire). Presumably, Apple will take this step to provide the smartphone with reliable signal reception in fifth-generation networks.

In addition, the source confirms that Apple is testing a new generation of Face ID user recognition system. Sensors and lenses will be reduced in size to fit in a narrow frame of the screen. This will abandon the bangs that are characteristic of the last few generations of iPhone smartphones.

Finally, there is evidence that Apple still plans to abandon the Lightning connector in favor of wireless charging and high-speed data transfer by air. This moment does not seem fully understood. Insider’s words indicate that Apple will not replace Lightning with USB-C, but will completely remove the connector as unnecessary. However, the informant clarifies that this is included in the long-term plans of the company, so that, perhaps, the rejection of the physical connector will happen, but not next year.

In any case, the new smartphone should be very interesting. But even before it comes iPhone SE 2.

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