iOS and macOS have not yet merged, but Apple has made them even closer

New feature will delight users.
Rumors of a combination of iOS and macOS have been around for many years. The merger in the coming years is hardly worth the wait, but Apple is really trying to make these two operating systems closer to each other.

In particular, a year ago we learned about an initiative called Marzipan, which implies the possibility of porting applications from iPadOS and iOS to macOS, and later – the possibility of developers unifying versions of a single application for iPhone, iPad and Mac into a single program.

This step was scheduled for 2021. And while this did not happen, Apple decided to take another small step towards the convergence of different OS. As reported, in the beta version of Apple Xcode 11.4, developers have the opportunity to make it so that when buying an application for iOS, the user automatically receives the same application for macOS and vice versa.

Now a similar opportunity exists between iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and tvOS.

In this case, the developers themselves will decide whether to combine applications in this way or whether to sell them separately.

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