Ionistors significantly increased mileage without recharging the Nawa Racer electric motorcycle

Nawa Racer charges more efficiently when braking than electric cars
Nawa introduced an electric motorcycle with a rear wheel without a hub, significantly surpassing the majority of similar vehicles in mileage without recharging.

With this feature, a prototype called Racer is required to use Nawa’s main products – ionistors. The 9 kWh battery is supplemented by 0.1 kWh ionistors. Their addition allowed us to get back 80-90% of braking energy – much more than we can get in the case of lithium-ion batteries. The following data allow you to evaluate the gain: the same motorcycle with ionistors can travel 300 km without recharging from the network, and with the same battery, but without ionistors – 180 km.

In the silver block, which is visible in the photo, the upper part is reserved for the ionistors, and the lower part for the batteries. Since the ionistors are made of carbon, they are relatively inexpensive and weigh only 10 kg, but adding them is equivalent to a 65% increase in battery capacity. To get the same gain in the usual way, the battery would have to be made much larger and heavier.

For obvious reasons, the technology is most effective in urban environments where accelerations are constantly alternating with braking. In terms of acceleration, the Nawa Racer accelerates to 100 km / h in less than 3 s.

The prototype will be shown at CES 2020. It is not intended for commercialization itself, but the technology used in it is yes. Nawa plans to start mass production of ionistors in 2020.

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