Introduced SiOnyx Pro Camera


It costs $ 799.
SiOnyx has announced the release of SiOnyx Pro, the second generation of HD action cameras for day and night color photography. She got an improved lens with reduced distortion and a wider angle of field of view.

The camera uses the patented SiOnyx XQE sensor, which works even in ultra low light. According to the manufacturer, the second-generation sensor works at night more than twice as good as its predecessor. Three times the sensitivity to radiation with a wavelength of 940 nm, to improve the work with backlight in the near infrared (NIR). In addition, the camera features enhanced image processing features and augmented reality capabilities added by a software update. Augmented reality features come in handy in team sports and marine navigation (they will also be available to SiOnyx Aurora camera users via a firmware update). Another feature of SiOnyx Pro is support for SD cards up to 256 GB.

According to the manufacturer, the camera is useful in many cases, including hunting, shooting sports, boating, fishing, hiking and much more. The technical data of the camera are not yet available on the company’s website, but its price is known – $ 799.


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