Intel’s next recipe for new processors: lower frequencies, but add support for Hyper-Threading

Became known parameters of Core i5-10400.
In recent days, we learned a lot about the upcoming Intel Comet Lake desktop processors. We saw that the affordable Core i3-10300 will be very similar to the Core i7-7700, and the Core i5-10600 will be a replacement for the Core i7-8700. In addition, today we learned about more expensive models of the line, which, recall, will preserve the architecture and process technology, but will switch to a new socket.

And now there is information about the Core i5-10400F processor. To begin with, we recall that the letter F in the name indicates a missing, or rather disabled, GPU. That is, in the new generation, Intel will continue to offer such CPUs a little cheaper than their full-fledged counterparts.

As for the parameters, the Core i5-10400F has six cores, supports Hyper-Threading and operates at frequencies of 2.9-4.0 GHz. And the Core i5-10400 will be exactly the same, judging by the current generation of Intel processors.

If you compare the Core i5-10400 with the Core i5-9400, you can see that the peak frequency of the latter is even slightly higher, but it does not have Hyper-Threading. So for a number of rulers, it is precisely the appearance of support for this technology that will be the main advantage over its predecessors. At the same time, Intel could obviously increase the frequency, but probably did not do it for marketing reasons.

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