Intel will try to strengthen its position in the mobile segment with a new processor

The model is called Core i7-10810U
Today, in the line of energy-efficient Intel processors, the top new model is the Core i7-10710U. This is the only six-core processor of the Comet Lake line.

But it seems that soon he will have an older brother. Intel docs mention the Core i7-10810U. There is no data on this CPU yet, but we can assume that it will also have six cores, because, probably, if there were eight, it would be a Core i9-10810U. Yes, and Intel is unlikely to be able to fit eight 14-nanometer cores, even in a formal TDP of 15 watts, and the letter U indicates that this is a 15-watt processor.

It can be assumed that the new product will differ from Core i7-10710U only in slightly higher frequencies. Probably, you can count on 1.2-1.3 GHz base frequency and 4.8-4.9 GHz peak.

Considering that the first laptops based on Ryzen 4000 processors should be released tomorrow, Intel clearly needs to somehow strengthen its line of mobile CPUs.

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