Intel will return to the tick-to-tack strategy

Intel is slowly but nevertheless moving its line of processors to a 10-nanometer process technology. Ice Lake’s mobile CPUs can already be bought. Intel introduced Tremont architecture yesterday, on which 10-nanometer atomic processors will be built.

In the first half of next year, 10-nanometer server CPUs are waiting for us. But with the desktop there is no clarity, although Intel assured that they will still be.

When they will be unclear, but today the company started talking about the next stage. Already in 2021, we are waiting for Intel seminometer solutions. True, server processors and discrete GPUs will be the first, and when we see the seven-meter consumer processors, one can only guess.

An Intel spokesman also said that the company intends to return to its old schedule of major updates every 2-2.5 years. We are talking about the notorious tick-to-tak schedule, when a new process technology and new architecture were introduced approximately every two years. For this, Intel is already working on a five-nanometer process technology, but there is no specificity regarding this area. Now the company has concentrated all its forces on increasing the production of 10-nanometer products.

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