Intel will release desktop 10-nanometer CPUs in a few months

For Intel, the most painful issue today is 10-nanometer desktop processors. This topic continues to grow rumors due to the lack of clear statements from the company.

If we take into account the statements that still took place, as well as combine them with leaked network cards, it turns out that Intel will release 10-nanometer desktop processors no earlier than the beginning of 2022.

However, it is always worth considering that a company can change plans, not to mention that rumors and leaks can be false.

The other day, Intel Canada Country Manager said that the company’s 10-nanometer desktop processors will not just come out, but will be out early next year! True, later Intel itself, commenting on this statement, said that the processors are under development, and so far there are no specific launch dates.

An Intel representative did not disclose any details, but this is clearly about the Ice Lake generation. Unfortunately, we can only guess what exactly these CPUs will be. Almost certainly there will be no talk about any 10-core models that are expected in the Comet Lake desktop lineup. Perhaps among the desktop Ice Lake there will not even be an eight-core CPU.

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