Intel will present at CES 2020 an innovative cooling scheme for laptops

It will do without fans and further reduce the thickness of laptops.
At the upcoming CES 2020 exhibition, Intel plans to present a development that can improve laptop cooling by 25-30%, and many brands will immediately show laptops in which the new circuit has been applied. It is part of the Intel Athena project and is a combination of vapor chambers and graphite sheets.

Traditionally, thermal modules are located in the compartment between the outer part of the keyboard and the bottom panel, because there are key components that produce heat. But in the Intel design, the traditional thermal module is replaced by an evaporation chamber, and the graphite sheet associated with it is located behind the screen area for better heat dissipation. The hinges are redesigned so that the graphite sheet passes through them.

The new cooling scheme will dispense with fans and further reduce the thickness of laptops. Unlike long-used heat pipes, the evaporation chambers may have an irregular shape, which allows better coverage of heat sources.

So far, the design is only suitable for laptops that open up to an angle of 180 °, but hinge manufacturers have already promised to provide the possibility of its use with hinges that allow you to fold the lid 360 °.

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