Intel will finally repeat AMD’s success. Tiger Lake processors will receive a significant increase in IPC

Such CPUs will be released next year.
Intel will launch Tiger Lake 10nm processors next year. This will be a completely new generation that will use the new architecture for both the GPU and the CPU.

And today in the Geekbench database one such processor was lit. It has four cores and supports Hyper Threading. He has no name yet, but the operating frequency is known – 1.2 GHz. Given that this is a mobile CPU, we can assume that such a base frequency can indeed be in serial models.

As for performance, the new product gains about 1170 points in single-threaded mode and about 4100 in multi-threaded. And these are very good indicators, since Core i7-10710U, for example, has similar performance, and it works at a higher frequency (1.6 GHz) and has six cores. Core i7-1065G7 (Ice Lake), operating at 1.5 GHz and having the same four cores, scores about 1200 and 4800 points in single-threaded and multi-threaded modes, respectively.

That is, the generation of Tiger Lake should bring a tangible increase in performance per cycle (IPC), which is good.

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