Intel unveils brand new 10nm Atom processors

But they are not for consumers.
Intel yesterday introduced not only the updated line of server processors Xeon Gold. Another new addition is the new Atom P5900 CPUs.

Yes, in this case, the word “Atom” is present directly in the name. Usually, when it comes to Intel processors of a certain category, we talk about “atomic” CPUs, implying that the company previously referred them to the line of the same name, but later stopped using this name in the names, but it still flashed in official documents.

The new products that are now being discussed are the first direct carriers of the Atom brand in several years.

True, they do not relate to the mobile segment at all. These are embedded CPUs, and not even consumer ones. They are intended for telecommunication equipment, for example, for 5G base stations.

What are they interesting for us? The fact is that these are the first carriers of the Tremont architecture, which will also be the basis of consumer “atomic” processors. The same cores are the basis and processors of Lakefield.

The new CPUs are manufactured using a 10-nanometer process technology and are the second processors in this category after Ice Lake.

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