Intel files lawsuit against patent troll owned by SoftBank Group

Intel has filed a lawsuit in the US District Court for the Northern District of California in San Jose alleging that the Fortress Investment Group, acquired by SoftBank in 2017 for $ 3.3 billion, has acquired more than 1,000 US patents to attack technology companies with numerous lawsuits.

According to the lawsuit, Fortress and its affiliates sued Intel, claiming that almost every Intel processor released since 2011 violates Fortress’s patents from NXP Semiconductors.

According to Intel, Fortress is trying to improve its financial performance and justify SoftBank’s patent lawsuits, and Fortress’s efforts to acquire patents are anticompetitive because they are motivated by the idea of ​​making money on lawsuits against technology companies.

“Intel is filing this lawsuit to put an end to the Fortress anti-competitive patent aggregation campaign and the patent troll network Fortress controls,” Intel said.

The director of Fortress has already responded to the lawsuit, saying that the company is “confident in the business practices and its legal position, and considers this lawsuit groundless.”

Recall, SoftBank Group also owns Arm Holdings, a developer of processor architectures, in some market segments competing with similar Intel designs.

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