Intel silently adding brand new processors to the site

A couple of weeks ago, Intel introduced the new Tremont microarchitecture, designed to create energy-efficient processors. We didn’t disclose any particular details, but it was this architecture that formed the basis of the new “atomic” Intel processors.

Previously, they appeared on the roadmap of a company called Jasper Lake, but in the end they came out under the name Gemini Lake Refresh, which is very strange, because this time we have a really new generation on the new microarchitecture.

Anyway, if a couple of weeks ago we knew about the upcoming CPUs from third-party sources, now these processors are registered on the Intel website. Another oddity is that there is no press release. All this is somewhat suspicious – Intel should have paid more attention to such an update.

However, wait for the tests, and everything will fall into place. In the meantime, here are the parameters of the new processors.

If we compare the new products with their predecessors, then we can note the increased frequencies, and sometimes very increased. We will learn from the tests how this will affect the performance and what Intel did with the power consumption of these processors.

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