Intel resumes operations in Costa Rica to boost processor output at 14nm

Intel has decided to resume operations in Costa Rica, which was closed several years ago. This is evidenced by the “Product Change Notification” (PCN) for the second generation Xeon Scalable processors (Cascade Lake).

In it, Costa Rica is added to three other places where testing and the final stages of manufacturing processes are carried out. By the way, the other two enterprises that are mentioned in the PCN are in Malaysia, the third in Vietnam.

The company in Costa Rica will begin operating on April 19, and will be fully operational on August 3. With it, Intel expects to reduce dependence on its three other test sites, and increase overall manufacturing capabilities by about 25%.

Intel’s goal is to guarantee the “continuous supply” of the indicated processors of the Silver, Gold and Platinum ranges, both in retail and in bulk packaging.

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