Intel pays PC makers again not to use AMD processors

Intel seems to have returned to the practice of unfair competition. Recall that more than 10 years ago, the company was found guilty of bribing PC manufacturers and large stores in one way or another so that they used and sold exclusively Intel products.

Among the companies bribed by Intel were Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and NEC, and among sellers at least MediaMarkt. In 2009, a court found Intel guilty and decided to pay a fine of 1.06 billion euros. True, after that it took several more years to appeal, but in the end the court did not change the decision.

And now, the author of the well-known resource AnandTech said that some of the most famous manufacturers of NUC mini-PCs receive monetary incentives in order not to create modifications on AMD processors or to keep them entering the market. Ian Cutress did not name Intel itself, but one can hardly imagine anyone else in the role of the payer of these monetary incentives.

Of course, the words of one person, albeit working on a specialized resource, cannot be considered as evidence, but still he is unlikely to have stated this for no reason.

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