Intel is preparing a penny Pentium with a frequency of 4 GHz and support for Hyper-Threading

Intel in the coming months is expected to release Comet Lake desktop processors, which will switch to the new socket – LGA 1200.

Of course, almost all of us are most interested in the top 10-core models, since Intel had no such processors in this segment before. But the same Core i9-10900K will obviously be very expensive.

But the Pentium Gold G6400, by contrast, should be extremely affordable. And today he lit up in the Geekbench database, which allows us to find out about its parameters.

As you can see, the processor has two cores, supports Hyper-Threading and operates at a frequency of 4 GHz. It’s clear from the name that it will replace the Pentium Gold G5400 model, and with the same number of cores it operates at a frequency of 3.7 GHz, that is, the performance gain will be good, as for the budget segment.

The recommended price of the Pentium Gold G5400 is $ 64, so we can assume that the Pentium Gold G6400 will cost about the same.

At the same time, Intel now has a Pentium Gold G5620 CPU with exactly the same parameters as the G6400. And if we assume that the G6620 model will be in the Comet Lake line, then it can work at a frequency of about 4.3 GHz, which for the Pentium family will be a very impressive achievement.

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