Intel is preparing a large multi-chip GPU, consisting of four crystals

As you know, this year Intel will launch several products with Xe graphics processors on the market at once. This is a discrete graphics card DG1, and mobile processors Tiger Lake.

Even before the announcement of Intel of the Xe line itself, it was believed that this generation was called Arctic Sound. After the announcement, this name did not appear anymore, since it was believed that Xe was Arctic Sound.

However, it seems that this is not entirely true. A reputable source reports that the Arctic Sound GPU generation will come out, and it will be a very unusual decision. The fact is that the GPU of this line will be multi-chip. More precisely, it will consist of four 10-nanometer crystals with an area of ​​approximately 150 mm2 each and with HBM2E memory.

The source adds that initially the Arctic Sound line was designed as accelerators for streaming data, but later the market was reformatted, and now Arctic Sound is a general-purpose GPU.

At the same time, unfortunately, there are no other details, so it is not clear for which market segment such a GPU will be released. There is also no understanding of how Arctic Sound is positioned relative to the Xe. This can be a completely separate line, or, for example, a situation where Arctic Sound is one of the representatives of the Xe line.

In addition, the source separately added something about Intel itself, which does not apply to the GPU. It is reported that within the company there is a constant struggle for power, which leads to confusion in marketing and various oddities. For example, the marketing team for Tiger Lake processors in the OEM segment said that there should be no discrete GPUs in the respective laptops, since the integrated graphics in Tiger Lake are very productive. But this statement creates problems for the team promoting the discrete GPU DG1. Some source informants described the situation as a show of clowns, adding that Intel does not have client-oriented thinking.

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