Intel is following in the footsteps of AMD. Xe GPUs will be able to operate in Multi-GPU mode

Next year, Intel Xe video cards are waiting for us. They will appear both in the desktop segment as discrete adapters and in the mobile segment as integrated GPUs.

So far, almost nothing is known about the architecture that will form the basis of the Xe GPU, as well as about the details associated with specific products of the new family.

Now, sources say that Linux drivers have indicated that the Xe GPU will support multi-GPU capability. More precisely, in the first place we are talking about the possibility of collaboration between a discrete graphics card and an integrated GPU in the processor. First of all, this, of course, is useful in the mobile segment.

By the way, we recall that recently we talked about discrete Xe mobile video cards, the GPUs of which are supposed to be produced using a 14-nanometer process technology.

Returning to the Multi-GPU, this is not a new technology at all. At one time, AMD promoted Radeon Dual Graphics technology, which just allowed combining a discrete graphics card and iGPU.

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