Intel has problems with discrete graphics cards: no drivers and poor performance

In 2020, Intel plans to release its first discrete graphics cards in a long time. However, judging by the available information, the company is clearly not ready to do this.

Here is a list of them:

  1. Progress in the development of 10 nm process technology. Intel still does not have a massive 10 nm process technology. Because of this, new chips can be released based on the already debugged 14 nm process technology.
  2. New graphics cards may not appear another 2 years. Intel is in short supply and is under heavy pressure from AMD. All this can lead to a review of existing plans and significantly delay the output of discrete graphics.
  3. Current Intel Xe graphics cards are outperformed by competitors. According to reports, even 12 nm AMD video cards look better than anything that Intel engineers were capable of. It can also delay the output of video cards indefinitely.
  4. No third-party support. In fact, Intel was so keen on creating its own video card that it did not think about contract manufacturing. In the first generation, such an opportunity is simply not laid. All the video cards that will be produced will turn out to be of a reference design, which again will fall on Intel’s shoulders, creating an additional deficit.
  5. There are no drivers. We see that the guys from Intel were really carried away, because, according to reports, they do not have working drivers. This is a rather complicated part of the design, which can turn into a technological hell for engineers and put an end to the whole program.

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