Intel does not lose hope to master the release of 10-nanometer processors

The manufacturer promises to introduce Ice Lake processors by the end of 2020.
At a recent UBS conference, Intel put an end to rumors that it was going to skip 10nm standards and go straight to 7nm.

The manufacturer assured that it adheres to the previously planned release plan for the Whitley platform, starting with the production of Cooper Lake in the first half of 2020, followed by the production of Ice Lake in the second half of 2020. In 2021, Intel plans to begin shipping processors Sapphire Rapids.

Mastering the 10 nm standards has remained Intel’s curse for more than two years. The manufacturing process, in which the company lost its leadership in the industry, is still under development, so that the actual delivery of products cannot be established. It is hoped that the designated dates will be met.

In response to a question from a UBS analyst why a company should not skip the 10 nm step and go straight to 7 nm, an Intel representative answered that a point has already been reached where “fundamental technological problems have been resolved” and the company is “increasing production volumes”. In addition, the manufacturer plans to improve the manufacturing process and present its improved version. Allegedly, the company has a “very reliable 10 nm technology platform” that it wants to make the most of.

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