Intel discontinues NUC mini PCs on 10nm Cannon Lake processors

Intel has announced the discontinuation of several NUC mini-PCs, including models based on Cannon Lake processors. More specifically, on the processor Core i3-8121U. As you know, this processor does not have integrated graphics, so AMD Radeon RX 540 GPUs are included in the mini-PC configuration.

The announcement about the cessation of production of NUC mini-PCs, code-named Crimson Canyon, built on Cannon Lake processors, the manufacturer published on October 28. Customers can still place orders, but no later than December 27, and the shipment of recent orders will take place no later than February 28, 2020.

Discontinued products include the Intel NUC 8 Home models NUC8I3CYSM and NUC8I3CYSN (Crimson Canyon), Intel NUC Kit NUC5CPYH and NUC5PPYH (Pinnacle Canyon), as well as Intel NUC Kit NUC5i3RYHS, NUC5i3RYHSN and NUC5i3RYONN and NUC5i3RYONN. Unlike the Crimson Canyon models released only last year, the NUC Pinnacle Canyon and Rock Canyon have been around for quite some time. They are built on Braswell and Broadwell processors.

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