Intel discontinues Kaby Lake-U Refresh processors released since 2017

Processors of the 8th generation Intel Core, part of the U series and known under the code name Kaby Lake Refresh, have been released for less than three years, but the manufacturer decided to stop their release. These are the Intel Core i5-8250U, i5-8350U, i7-8550U and i7-8650U models.

Introduced in August 2017, they were one of Intel’s first quad-core mobile processors. Despite doubling the number of cores, they were characterized by the same TDP value as their predecessors – 15 watts. All four models supported multi-threaded execution. Their base frequencies were in the range of 1.6-1.9 GHz, and the increased frequencies were in the range of 3.4-4.2 GHz.

The last date when it is still possible to order the i7-8650U and i5-8350U is October 23, 2020, and the last shipment date is April 9, 2021. For i7-8550U and i5-8250U, the deadline for ordering is July 24, and deliveries will end on January 22, 2021.

In addition to those listed, Inеel has two more Kaby Lake-U Refresh processors: Pentium Gold 4417U and Celeron 3867U. They have been produced since last year.

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