Intel Core i9-10900X 10-core processor goes on sale

Intel introduced the Cascade Lake-X processors at the very beginning of October and promised to launch them in November. And now, already at the end of November, the youngest representative of the line – 10 nuclear Core i9-10900X – really became available for purchase.

True, the promised price of $ 590 does not smell. In China’s online store, the novelty is currently offered for the equivalent of $ 895! This is even more than the official cost of the 14-core Core i9-10940X. In the USA, however, the situation is better: there Core i9-10900X, depending on the site, is offered for $ 600-650.

The novelty price is probably affected by the effect of novelty and the holiday season, but all the same, overvaluation is not happy. It is not encouraging that the other representatives of the line have yet to wait for sale.

Core i9-10900X, recall, has 10 physical cores and supports multithreading. The processor frequency is 3.7-4.7 GHz. Supports 48 PCIe lanes and DDR4-2933 MHz memory, TDP value – 165 watts.

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