Intel Core i3-10320 outperforms Core i7-7700


Based on 3DMark test results.
In the 3DMark benchmark database, the Core i3-10320 processor was discovered – a future member of the Comet Lake desktop processor family. According to its characteristics, this model is similar to the Core i7-7700, but the benchmark data made it possible to compare the performance of these two models.

Core i3-10320 received 4 cores and multithreading support, the base frequency was 3.7 GHz, the maximum – 4.3 GHz. For comparison, the Core i7-7700 has the same parameters, only the frequencies are 100 MHz lower.

Judging by the test, the Core i3-10320 in some tests is 8.9% ahead of the Core i7-7700. But given that some tests did not end in favor of the new product (albeit with a smaller difference), the real difference in performance will be approximately 5-7% in favor of the Core i3-10320. But this, in general, is not bad.


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