Intel came up with a new way to compete with AMD

The company is adapting the new microarchitecture to the old manufacturing process.
We recently recalled Intel Rocket Lake processors. Recall, this is the generation that will come to the market in 2021 in different segments. In the desktop, these CPUs will come after Comet Lake (but not for replacement), and in the mobile, Coffee Lake Refresh and Whiskey Lake will replace.

In this case, the Rocket Lake CPU will still be 14-nanometer. However, new data give hope that everything is not so bad. According to the source, Intel is working to adapt the Willow Cove microarchitecture to the 14-nanometer process technology and use it in Rocket Lake processors. Willow Cove is a microarchitecture that will be implemented in the Tiger Lake processors, which will replace the Ice Lake processors. That is, it is really a new microarchitecture. As a result, the Rocket Lake CPU, even with the preservation of the 14-nanometer process technology, can be much more productive than previous generations.

At the same time, we recall that the desktop Rocket Lake will be the first such Intel CPUs to receive the Xe GPU. That is, even without changing the process technology, completely new CPUs can expect us. True, recent roadmaps indicate that such processors will only have up to six cores, so this line will obviously not be able to cover all the necessary segments.

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