Intel apologizes to its customers and partners

Intel has long been struggling with a shortage of its processors. In part, she managed to solve the problem, at least if we talk about the desktop segment.

But the company itself stated that by the end of the year the deficit would still persist, and possibly next year.

And yesterday, Intel Executive Vice President Michelle Holthaus published a letter in which she apologizes to customers and partners of the company for the consequences of a CPU shortage.

An Intel spokeswoman noted that the company has invested record amounts in increasing production of 14-nanometer products, and is also expanding 10-nanometer production. At the same time, Holtaus notes that the steady growth of the market this year was ahead of analysts’ forecasts and the efforts of Intel itself, which was one of the reasons for the shortage.

Unfortunately, the letter does not contain information about when Intel expects to completely solve the problem.

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