Intel announces 10nm Tiger Lake processors with integrated Xe graphics


Following the tenth-generation Comet Lake-H mobile processors, Intel has announced a family of 10nm Tiger Lake chips to replace Ice Lake-U. One of their main features of the new products was a noticeably increased graphic performance.

Intel Tiger Lake processors will be manufactured using the already established 10 nm ++ process technology. And although the technology is not new, the manufacturer promises an increase in IPC by 10%. But the main feature of the new chips should be integrated graphics on the Xe architecture, also used in the discrete graphics card DG1 announced at CES 2020. Intel claims that integrated graphics will not yield discrete in performance. In other words, on laptops with Tiger Lake, even without a dedicated GPU, you can comfortably play modern games.

Technical details have not yet been disclosed, but Intel promises a two-digit performance increase over its predecessors. Support for Thunderbolt 4 and Wi-Fi 6 is also announced. It is important to note that motherboards based on Tiger Lake will be the smallest in the history of U-series chips, so laptops can become even more compact.

Intel promises that computers based on Tiger Lake will appear before the end of this year.


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