Intel already plans to upgrade its weirdest processor, although it hasn’t even entered the market yet

Intel Lakefield is the most unusual consumer processor out there. It has an odd number of cores, the cores themselves are different, besides this is the first Intel solution in the segment, created using the Foveros surround-layout technology.

The problem is that this CPU was introduced at the very beginning of the year, not so long ago several mobile devices were announced with it, but so far no one has reached the shelves. Moreover, it will not reach the middle of next year.

Despite this, at the end of 2020, Intel promises us an updated Lakefield CPU. The company said this at an IEDM event. True, there are no details, so it is unclear what exactly Intel is going to update. Given the configuration of Lakefield, Intel has the ability to change its individual blocks independently of the others, so anything can be updated.

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