Installing a new iOS is now dangerous. Many iPhone forgot how to call and keep a charge after the update

Apple released an iOS 13.1.2 software update for the iPhone in late September. It was supposed to fix a number of problems found in the new OS. However, instead, it brought even more problems to users.

Recall, released iOS 13 September 19 was a very problematic update. One of the developers even called iOS 13 “an extremely disgusting release, which was not the case with iOS 8”.

With the release of iOS 13.1.2, users began to complain about new problems. Many iPhone owners have found that the smartphone is having difficulty with the main task of a mobile phone – calls. Calls are dropped after about a minute of conversation. Others report that incoming calls are not displayed. For some users, the spoken speaker and microphone stop working right during a conversation.

Reports that the iPhone is “not ringing” have already begun to flood social media and Apple’s official support forum.

Another important problem – the smartphone’s battery started to drain too quickly. There are also reports of overheating.

According to the victims, resetting the smartphone’s network settings helped some get rid of the problem with calls: “Settings”> “General”> “Reset”> “Reset network settings”.

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