Inspur and Intel jointly release storage using Optane dual-port SSDs

Intel Optane Drives Used for Caching.
Inspur introduced the AS5000G5-F mid-range storage series. These storages, which use only solid state drives, demonstrate up to 8 million IOPS of performance and 0.1 ms latency, making them one of the highest performing platforms of this class in the industry.

The series includes four models: AS5300G5-F, AS5500G5-F, AS5600G5-F and AS5800G5-F. The manufacturer notes that the series was created jointly with Intel, since the AS5000G5-F uses not only simple solid state drives, but also Intel Optane dual-port SSDs. Note that Intel Optane drives are used for caching. One such drive demonstrates performance up to 560,000 IOPS, 2.4 GB / s bandwidth and 22 ms response time. Allegedly, their use made it possible to bridge the gap in performance and capacity between RAM and conventional SSDs. In addition, the 3D Xpoint memory used in the Optane SSD has a 30 DWPD resource, 30-60 times the resource of the TLC 3D NAND flash memory used in conventional SSDs.

Other strengths of the AS5000G5-F Series include a fully redundant design that provides 99.9999% reliability. Detailed information about the new storage facilities on the Inspur website is not yet available.

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