Inexpensive smartphones will turn into gaming. Arm introduced the Mali-G57 GPU

Arm today introduced several new products. In particular, the Mali-D37 display processor, which is the smallest solution in the class, as well as Ethos-N57 and Ethos-N37, are new processors for working with AI.

But for us, the new Mali-G57 graphic core based on the new Valhall architecture is still more interesting. It will replace the Mali-G52 in mid-budget and budget single-chip systems.

Mali-G57 is 30% more productive than Mali-G52, and exactly the same energy-efficient. Yes, the growth is not particularly impressive, but, firstly, it is still about inexpensive platforms, and secondly, the final performance will primarily depend on the number of cores. In this case, the GPU can include up to six cores, and in the maximum configuration, the graphics core will be capable of much. Just look at the level of graphic performance of the SoC Kirin 810, which has a Mali-G52 MP6 GPU.

Arm also notes a significant performance boost in machine learning tasks: 60% relative to the Mali-G52.

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