In the United States, a bracelet is created that muffles all the microphones around

The design of the bracelet includes 24 ultrasonic emitters.
The phrase “the walls have ears” has found a new sound in our time, because people are increasingly surrounded by smart devices that constantly listen to whether a voice command sounds. In order to eavesdrop on a conversation, bugs are no longer needed: a smart speaker, a webcam, a smartphone or a bracelet – all of them can hear what is said and pass it on to interested persons.

For those who are concerned about this situation, experts at the University of Chicago have created an experimental bracelet that can muffle microphones that are in its area of ​​operation.

The principle of operation of the bracelet is based on the fact that most microphones in consumer devices convert an ultrasonic signal into a sound range. This means that it is enough to emit noise in the ultrasonic range so that the microphone cannot intelligibly perceive the sound signal.

The design of the bracelet includes 24 ultrasonic emitters, which provide full coverage of the surrounding space regardless of the position of the hand.

Of course, when creating the prototype, the developers did not care too much about its appearance, but in the case of commercialization, this drawback can be eliminated. The serial device, according to their estimates, can cost about $ 20.

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