In the Ukrainian geography textbook a map of Skyrim was discovered

While gamers around the world are wondering if Bethesda will do another Skyrim re-release for next-generation consoles, the game has appeared on yet another completely new platform – in the geography textbook for Ukrainian sixth graders.

This is not a joke at all: in the textbook by V. Yu. Pestushenko and G. Sh. Uvarova, the map of Skyrim is actually used. It is not known for what purpose the graphic designers decided to place on the pages of the textbook a continent so dear to every fan of role-playing games – whether this reference was specially made or if it happened by chance, it’s hard to say for sure. However, the students probably rejoiced in the familiar image in such an unexpected place.

The authors of the textbook, like the Ministry of Education of Ukraine, did not comment on this curious find. It is interesting that the book was published back in 2014 – the map of Skyrim remained unnoticed in it for six whole years.

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