In the “long-range” aircraft there will be beds for passengers

Air New Zealand has a very long flight schedule – the flight from Auckland to New York will take 17 hours. To increase the comfort of passengers during long flights, the company plans to install special cabins with berths in airplanes.

The six-bed Skynest module is reminiscent of a stewardess sleeping berth, which they use to relax during long-haul flights. Currently, designers are choosing the most suitable place for placing a cabin with beds. It is noteworthy that they will be intended for economy class passengers.

“An obvious drawback for those traveling by economy class on long-haul flights is the inability to stretch. Skynest development is a direct answer to this challenge, ”the airline said.

One of the main problems on the way to the project implementation is ticket pricing. It is not known whether passengers will want to pay extra for the opportunity to use the bed. It is also likely that business class passengers will intentionally save by buying a seat at Skynest. In addition, the company’s planes have from 215 to 263 passenger seats, 200 of them are in economy class – this means that there will be only six beds for 200 passengers.

Introducing the Air New Zealand Skynest

Introducing the Air New Zealand Skynest

Now the airline’s management is carefully studying the possibility of introducing berths in passenger aircraft. If the project is approved, its implementation will begin no earlier than 2021.

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