In terms of performance, Intel Gen12 Xe iGPU can be compared with AMD iGPU based on Vega

Intel’s first integrated graphics solution, based on the new Xe architecture, can be compared to AMD’s integrated Vega GPUs, such as those used in the Ryzen 4000 (Renoir) APU. At least this is indicated by the leak of 3DMark FireStrike test results published by the source.

The test involved a prototype laptop with an Intel Tiger Lake-U processor. This processor integrates iGPU Gen12 Xe, designed to provide a significant increase in performance compared to existing iGPUs on Gen11 and Gen9.5.

The prototype of the dual-core Tiger Lake-U processor with iGPU Gen12 is gaining 2196 points in 3DMark FireStrike. Graphic performance is 2467 points, the performance in physical modeling is 6488 points. These figures are comparable to those of the iGPU Radeon Vega with eight CU units. Renoir’s eight CUs demonstrate iGPU performance with 11 CUs embedded in Picasso APUs. The increase in productivity is achieved by increasing the frequency due to the transition to 7 nm standards, improving the algorithms for increasing the frequency and modernizing some iGPU units. At the same time, this iGPU is based on the Vega architecture introduced three years ago, while Intel uses the new architecture in the iGPU Gen12 Xe. The release of new Intel processors is scheduled for 2021.

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