In seven years, AMD has put on the market more than half a billion GPU

Analysts at Jon Peddie Research in their latest report touched on gaming hardware for PCs and more. The report itself, unfortunately, is paid, but some information from it is still available.

It relates to the supply of graphics adapters by AMD between 2013 and 2019 inclusive. During this time, total sales of GPUs have grown more than six times and reached 553 million units. We’ll clarify: we are talking about the total deliveries of AMD GPUs for all segments for the entire period of existence of this direction at AMD.

Analysts explain this increase in sales by the appearance of successful Ryzen hybrid processors in the AMD assortment, as well as the sales of Sony and Microsoft consoles, which in the current generation just have the graphic cores created by AMD.

Given the successes of AMD in the processor market, the upcoming release of graphics cards with RDNA2 architecture, the new generation of consoles, which is again based on AMD platforms, as well as the upcoming transition of at least top Samsung single-chip systems to GPUs with AMD architecture, the company’s sales will clearly continue to grow in the coming years the pace.

You can also evaluate the segmentation. The largest here will be mobile hybrid processors – their share is 23%. 20% falls on the Sony console, and only on the last generation. For 18% of desktop video cards and mobile discrete graphics cards Radeon, 12% is the share of desktop APUs and another 9% falls on the Microsoft console.

By the way, the source also notes that AMD lags behind Intel and Nvidia in the total number of GPUs sold, but this can be explained right away by a lot of facts. In the case of Intel, almost every consumer CPU contains a graphics core, and Nvidia, firstly, sells more video cards, and secondly, its GPUs have been and are used in many other segments.

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