In Russia, developed glasses for the treatment of “flat vision”

In connection with the receipt of injuries, the transfer of viral diseases and other pathologies, a lot of people are faced with the loss of binocular vision. As a result, the whole world for such a patient looks flat. Russian researchers have developed glasses that will restore the ability to see surrounding objects in volume.

A group of scientists led by the president of the Russian Association of Ophthalmologists of Strabismologists Igor Aznauryan, specializing in the study of impaired motor function of the eyes, presented a device that allows you to train and restore stereoscopic vision to patients. Special glasses with a microprocessor and glass displays make neurons perceive the picture of the world in a three-dimensional form.

Existing methodologies for the treatment of such visual disturbances require visits to specialized centers for years, while the proper effect is not guaranteed. According to the researchers, the treatment with the help of new glasses can take place at home and will take no more than a few months.

According to statistics, binocular vision impairment is diagnosed in every 475th infant. Many of these children may become disabled in the future. In the developed glasses, the microprocessor with the help of a weak electric current regulates the frequency of blinks projected onto the built-in polarizing displays. Thus, stimulation of brain neurons and restoration of the bifixation reflex occur.

According to Igor Aznauryan, the duration of the course of treatment will vary from one to six months. Wearing such glasses will only take one hour a day. The developers note that the efficiency of the device in case of loss of binocular vision is 95%.

The device has already passed the stage of clinical testing and is currently preparing for mass production. It is expected that further use of such glasses by patients will occur under the supervision of a treating ophthalmologist.

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