In China, made mandatory scanning faces of new subscribers of the cellular network

In China, new regulations have begun to operate requiring local telecom operators to scan the faces of users registering as mobile network subscribers.

According to the government, the new law is aimed at combating fraud and will “protect the legitimate rights and interests of citizens in cyberspace.” In particular, it is believed that it will help prevent identity theft and resale of SIM cards.

The plans to adopt this law became known in September.

The three largest Chinese carriers are China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.

China has global leaders in face recognition software, including Megvii and SenseTime. Face recognition in this country is already becoming a common authentication method when using everyday services, such as payments at retail outlets and transport, as well as loan approval. Face recognition systems work in supermarkets, metro and airports.

In July, Xinhua News Agency announced the installation of face recognition systems at the entrances to 59 settlements. It is also known that the equipment of the Chinese police includes glasses with face recognition.

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