In Britain, a clinic appeared for the treatment of gambling addiction. It is not popular

Last year, the World Health Association included gambling addiction in the list of official diseases. What many consider an ordinary hobby has been recognized as a mental disorder. The new legislation will enter into force only in 2022, but now the first clinic for the treatment of an ailment is already working in Britain. But her clients are still not enough.

In an interview on This Morning, Dr. Henrietta Bowden-Jones said that in December 2019, the first clinic specializing in the treatment of this gambling addiction opened in Britain. Only in the first month of work, only 43 people visited her, and only 22 agreed to further treatment and hospitalization. Several people from this list are already undergoing the necessary procedures prescribed by the doctor.

“When people say that teens are addicted to video games, this may not be true. Young people love games, this is normal. Only the smallest percentage of gamers demonstrate a loss of control over the situation and experience negative consequences due to their addiction, ”Henrietta Bowden-Jones rightly noted.

Currently, most of the hospital’s clients are troubled teens. Curiously, several cases sincerely surprised the doctors – the children, described by their parents as “kind and understanding,” pretty soon turned into aggressive and complex individuals. By the way, the clinic uses advanced methods of treating gambling addiction: therapy does not include drug treatment, and access to gaming sessions is not completely limited.

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