In 2020, mini-LED backlit screens can only be found on high-end monitors but on laptops too

One of the new products is the MSI Creator 17 laptop.
Lextar Electronics, an active promoter of mini-LED backlight modules for liquid crystal displays, has received orders from MSI, according to industry sources.

MSI will equip its new Creator 17 laptop designed for CAD with a 4K Ultra HD mini-LED screen. A laptop with an HDR 1000 certified display will be unveiled at CES 2020.

In addition, Lextar will supply backlight modules for Asustek’s 32-inch high-end gaming monitor.

According to Lextar, this year mini-LED modules provided 5-10% of revenue. The company expects that in 2020 mini-LED backlit screens will become more widespread in laptops and monitors. However, for now, the use of mini-LED technology will be limited to high-end devices due to the high cost of such modules.

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