Improved Android Auto brings unexpected problems to drivers

The update broke the reception and rejection of calls with the buttons on the steering wheel.
Earlier this week, Google released an update to Android Auto, which brought the long-awaited function to mute alerts. However, now users have begun to complain about the unexpected consequences of installing Android Auto 5.0.

An application with version 5.0.5002 installed from Google Play reports that the call acceptance and rejection buttons on the steering wheel have stopped working correctly with the Google platform. At the same time, if the smartphone is simply connected to the car via Bluetooth, then everything works fine. Reconnecting a smartphone sometimes solves the problem, but on a temporary basis.

Of course, users can still use the touch screen, but while driving it is not as convenient and safe as the physical buttons directly on the steering wheel. Users note that other buttons continue to work correctly, including access to the Google Assistant voice assistant.

Dozens of complaints and discussions have appeared on the Reddit social news site and the official Google’s Android Auto Support Forum. The problem covers different models and brands of cars, as well as versions of Android. The only thing that unites all cases is Android Auto 5.0.

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