IDC predicts that in 2023 the number of 5G connections in the world will exceed one billion

One of the growth factors will be the development of the Internet of things.
IDC has prepared its first global forecast for 5G networks. According to analysts, the number of 5G connections this year, estimated at about 10.0 million, will reach 1.01 billion in 2023. These values correspond to an aggregate annual growth rate of 217.2%.

Analysts believe that stimulating the introduction of 5G over the next few years will help, in particular, increase the volume of generated and consumed data. This factor will manifest itself both in the corporate and in the consumer segment. Transferring users who use data intensively to 5G will allow operators to more efficiently manage network resources.

The second factor will be the increase in the number of Internet of things devices. In addition, a 5G advantage such as low latency will play a role, making it possible for applications that need a real-time response to work.

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