IDC analysts expect server and storage sales to return to growth in the second half

Server and enterprise storage costs will decline in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This forecast is provided by IDC specialists, clarifying that in accordance with the most probable scenario, the revenue from the sale of servers will decrease by 3.4%, to $ 88.6 billion, and the revenue from the sale of external storage systems – by 5.5%, to 28, 7 billion dollars.

The division by quarters shows that the situation will change throughout the year. It is expected that in the first quarter the server market will decline by 11.0%, and in the second – by 8.9%. In the creative half of the year, growth will resume. The external storage market in the first quarter will decrease by 7.3%, in the second – by 12.4%. By the end of the year, he will also return to growth. Recovery will continue in 2021.

Among the factors determining the dynamics of the market, analysts include changes in demand from various groups of buyers, disruption of the supply chain, short-term increase in component prices and worsening economic and social climate. As the situation continues to unfold, analysts warn that future forecasts can be adjusted.

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